How it Works

Foodosophy, Mall for producers

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Imagine a shopping mall in Athens, open all year round as an exhibition center. With shops for producers of all kinds of Greek products. Open every day, with product sales, speeches, exhibitions, restaurants, people shopping and participating in information campaigns. A place where producers will have a permanent shop and consumers will find a paradise for purchasing authentic products in affordable prices, since there will be no intermediaries.

A shopping mall for smaller-scale producers and industries from all over Greece, for those unable to have an active market presence. There will always be events and information campaigns held in the premises of Foodosophy: how to make your own soap, how to distinguish a good quality olive oil from a bad one, which are the varieties of Greek wine, and so much more. Additionally, there will be competitions, where consumers will evaluate producers.

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Apart from the obvious variety of choice, the consumer will also benefit from better prices, since producers will be selling their own products with no intermediation whatsoever. Moreover, Greek Foodosophy will function as a wholesale business center. Which means, that there will be visits organized with buyers coming from all over the world where they will have the opportunity to meet the producers in one single place in order to seal export business deals.

How is it possible for an olive oil producer from Crete or a bee-keeper from the island of Andros to participate in this project? Participation fee in the Mall will be 700 euros plus 8% of sales and with this fee the producer gets a shop ready for use, as well as an employee to run it for him. Of course, the producer might have to come to Greek Foodosophy premises once or twice per month for an exhibition of his production methods to the visitors. For example, he may have to show where and when he moves his beehives, what does a honeycomb look like, etc. It is very important for the visitor the get these kind of information by the producer himself.