Official premiere for Greek Foodosophy

The official announcement of the Greek Foodosophy shopping mall was marked with a remarkable success, on March 13th 2013, at the Grande Bretagne Hotel. The event was honored by the presence of a multitude of people who came to find out more from up close regarding the Foodosophy shopping mall business plan. Its goal is to accomplish retail sales of authentic Greek products to consumers and, in the same time, to support Greek food and beverage extroversion via a business center that will operate within the shopping mall, welcoming business representations of foreign entrepreneurs, who will be able to discover a large number of producers and an extremely wide variety of products in one single place.


The panel consisted of Mr Dimitris Michailidis, technical director of the Panhellenic Union of Young Farmers (PENA), Mr Nikos Katsaros, chemist and former president of the Hellenic Food Authority, Mr Nikos Samaridis, herbalist who had prepared a presentation on the subject of olivosophy in foodosophy. Mrs Dina Bei, former Super-Prefect of Athens-Piraeus super Prefecture and president of the civic movement “Civic Movement – I consume what I produce” and Mr George Gekas, business plan consultant.

A detailed presentation of the opportunity arising from Greek Foodosophy for the Greek market was also included. The opportunity of simultaneous representation of many Greek products within a single shopping mall was stressed and the profits arising from this synergy, as it would not be easy for producers to have such efficiency in sales on their own through their autonomous presence in the market, with their own shop. With no brand name, without variety of products to attract the consumers, with no effective marketing strategy it would more probable to have minimum results, if any at all. Practically, it would be a no name shop that, in the long run, wouldn’t be able to survive commercially. So “united we stand strong”! A strong name Foodosophy, spacious premises, a multitude of sales opportunities through a well-organized promotion and marketing plan.


During the end of the event, the Golden Prize Cup 2013 awarding ceremony took place, as well as the quality and packaging competitions. Both competitions are held within the framework of Eleotechnia, exhibition for olive and olive oil’s works.

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