Greek Foodosophy – a veritable example in the agricultural and food production domain

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Agricultural production has always been one of the main pillars for the economic development of Greece. But how do we make the most out of this competitive advantage? What actions have we taken so far in order to be competitive?

These days, with the Olympic Games and the E.U. piles of money well behind us, here we are still discussing how Greek products should be promoted in museums and touristic attractions. In the same time, at the British library, for example, you can be served cupcakes, a typical British recipe originating from a country with so little dietary culture. In other words, here we are, still discussing theory about something that our competitors have been implementing for several years now. Moreover, the growing interest in our olive-presses and wineries by “foreign investors” is quite impressive, suggesting that they are willing to take over the production and the commercial use of our agricultural products. The need for immediate and effective actions for the promotion and elevation of our agricultural and dietary wealth through the development of small-sized producers is evident.

Initiatives like the Greek Foodosophy shopping mall are considered not only as ground-breaking, but also as substantially necessary. Consumers will have the chance to find, to taste, to purchase the best agri-food from all over Greece in a single space. Meanwhile, producers will be guaranteed an important point of sale within an exclusively dedicated space, they will have the chance to present and promote their products in a larger and more targeted audience of the national market. Apart from that, they will have to grasp the opportunities for their development arising from this venture. Together as group they can get organized, they can cooperate and with the support of specialized science personnel like fooditerranean to differentiate their product and to approach foreign markets even more effectively.

George Gekas
Brand & Business Developer, Founder of the fooditerranean project
MSc International Business Development