Why choose Greek Foodosophy?

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Because you support Greece! You support small-scale businesses, cottage industries, every small-scale producer who strives to find his place in the market. Because this way Greek products find their way to consumers and processors directly, with no intermediaries whatsoever. And because “united we stand strong”! Because Greek Foodosophy has all Greek products’ producers standing together under a strong name. A strong far-reaching brand.

As the ancient Greeks said “the beginning of wisdom is calling things by their right names”. HELLAS, HELIA (‘olive oil’ in Greek), HELIOS (‘sun’ in Greek), etc. By finding the roots of these words that start with HEL- we discover light; that’s why olive trees grow all over the land of sunlit Greece.

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As it happens with the Greek tradition (diet, customs and habits), in every Greek village, for example the renowned ‘Cretan diet’ that gave extraordinary longevity to the Cretan people during the past decades (during the 60s and thereon), the Sifniot gastronomy made known by the chef from the island of Syros, Tselementes, in a similar way during the ancient times with Diphilus from Sifnos, the king’s physician and dietician in ancient Thrace. In 3 A.D., Diphilus wrote his opinion on diet entitled ‘On Diet fit for Persons in Good and Bad Health’ which focused on the fact that the diet of healthy people should differ from the diet of those who were sick. In 5-4 B.C., Hippocrates shared the same belief in his work ‘On Ancient Medicine’, where he referred to the sick as ‘κάμνοντες’ (kamnontes, i.e. those who did something). But there are other authentic and traditional gastronomies all over Greece, like the ones in Arcadia, Lesbos, Chios, Epirus, Thrace and many more places that offer their dietary suggestions for good health and well-being.

Greek Foodosophy shopping mall has embraced the ancient standards for Greek production along the centuries and implements them fully, having as its goal the addition of value to Greek economy.