Commodity Exchange in Athens and Foodosophy. Common goal is the promotion of Greek agricultural products.

Commodity Exchange investors will be called upon to adapt to a totally new exchange environment – and to seek opportunities. Within the framework of this process, a conversation has started lately regarding the possibility of the foundation of a Commodity Exchange in Athens. But, how close are we to something like this?

Socrates Lazaridis, Executive Chairman of the Athens Exchange (ATHEX) & CEO of the Hellenic Exchanges Group (HELEX), during an interview at Real money (for the newspaper Real news – on May 12th 2013), noted that the implementation speed of such a project “may be rather immediate, as HELEX is already equipped with the necessary infrastructure”. He made clear, though, that the press may be presenting things in a different, much larger dimension relatively to the project’s current level of maturity. Socrates Lazaridis also mentioned a notable level of interest deriving mainly from foreign investors regarding Mediterranean diet and agricultural products sector, while he added that ATHEX may actually include this market in a series of crucial steps that have already been taken for the support and promotion of this sector. In fact, ATHEX has already made all necessary preparation in order to “welcome” and enhance this type of interest. A concise guide has been created regarding Greek diet (Greek Food – The Story), aiming to inform about the main subsectors of the Greek food and beverage sector, the companies operating in each separate subsector, as well as to introduce a dedicated microsite, where Greek and foreign investors will have the chance to acquire detailed information on the main branches of this particular sector, the companies involved in each one of them and their products.

At the same time, recent venture capital laws and the attraction of inward investment are the main axis of ATHEX administration for the enhancement of the food and beverage processing sector. And to that direction, as noted by Mr. Lazaridis, the effort to “show that there is a significant number of companies with very notable products” is persistent.

Greek Foodosophy5

The above article provided a reason for us to state that these significant companies are the ones we have come to recognize at Greek Foodosophy.

Our goal is to promote every significant agricultural and food product directly to the consumer. Through Greek Foodosophy shopping mall, all notable olive oil, pasta, wines, traditional spoon sweets, marmalades, pulses, non-alcoholic drinks, etc. have found their way to being promoted to their consumers. Therefore, Greek producers have the opportunity to make a dynamic retail sales “entrance” within a decent space, during normal shop opening hours. Consumers, on the other hand, have the opportunity to easily find the best Greek products gathered in one place, within a shopping mall providing them with various activities.

The second goal is exports. There are business missions that have been programmed with entrepreneurs who will be visiting the shopping mall having as main incentive to find dozens of producers in one single place; which in any other case would be a very expensive visit having to locate and find each business in its seat or place of action. This way, they will have the opportunity to get to know Greek products and to have meetings with dozens of businessmen face to face. Through Greek Foodosophy, Greek products also find their way towards the foreign markets abroad.