Civic Movement, I consume what I produce – Foodosophy

I would like to congratulate Greek Foodosophy’s excellent initiative to support Greek products in such a critical time when unemployment has become an everyday nightmare for our people.

On behalf of the “Civic Movement – I consume what I produce”, we are here to support this effort and cooperate with you. The “Civic Movement – I consume what I produce” was established in October 2010 after the initiative of a hundred eminent people coming from Universities, Attorneys at Law, Medical and Technical Associations and Chambers, Local Authorities, the Arts and the Press, as well as the Presidents of higher Civil Service and Private Sector Labor Organizations and Commercial and Professional Chamber’s Presidents.


The goal set with its establishment -serviced incessantly up this day- is the active participation in the struggle for the maintenance of employment, the reduction of unemployment, the support of Greek professionals, producers, farmers and internal tourist industry, by preferring Greek products and services .

The movement’s slogan is:

“Dress Greek, eat Greek, travel in Greece”

The movement’s branches have and maintain an active presence in the head towns of many prefectures. This joint effort’s goal is to change the consumer habits of people, who are stricken by the crisis and the nightmare of unemployment, towards a conscious choice and the support of Greek products and, therefore, of Greek employment. Within this framework, we have organized dozens of events either as a single body or in cooperation with other social and professional bodies: informative posters, speeches, meetings, expositions, press or social media campaigns or spots, etc.

Last but not least, we would like to make a proposal: since consumer awareness begins to from since our childhood years, it would a ground-breaking idea to create a space, somewhere within the 3.000sq.m. of the Greek Foodosophy shopping mall, where children would be able to relate Greek foodstuff with their place of production in the form of a game.

With our warmest congratulations! We wish you all the best and we, the “Civic Movement – I consume what I produce”, will be right by your side, open to any kind of cooperation with you.


Constantina Bei
President of the CIVIC MOVEMENT-I consume what I produce