• Workshop on July 20th, Athens Plaza Hotel – Syntagma sq.

    Invitation for export-oriented ENTREPRENEURS truly interested in their company’s promotion. We invite you to join us ONLY if you are TRULY INTERESTED – nobody likes to waste his time these days – we will be waiting for you in the workshop: 10:00 am – 12:00 am Subject: Greek Foodosophy shopping mall Opening : November 1st, […]

  • Workshop on July 20th, Athens Plaza Hotel – Syntagma sq.

    Invitation for export-oriented ENTREPRENEURS. The following topics will be discussed during the workshop: Join your power with the new, fresh power that arises. The power of Greek Foodosophy shopping mall. Be a part of the success and contribute actively in making Greek products more export-oriented. ARE YOU INTERESTED IN A DYNAMIC POINT OF SALES FOR […]

  • More omega-3 acids and less meat for a better memory

    A scientific study, led by a Greek researcher, suggests that eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish, chicken, etc.) and avoiding meat, saturated fats and dairy foods may be linked to preserving memory and thinking abilities.  The study focuses on the importance of a Mediterranean diet in order to avoid old age […]

  • Commodity Exchange in Athens and Foodosophy. Common goal is the promotion of Greek agricultural products.

    Commodity Exchange investors will be called upon to adapt to a totally new exchange environment – and to seek opportunities. Within the framework of this process, a conversation has started lately regarding the possibility of the foundation of a Commodity Exchange in Athens. But, how close are we to something like this? Socrates Lazaridis, Executive […]

  • Civic Movement, I consume what I produce – Foodosophy

    I would like to congratulate Greek Foodosophy’s excellent initiative to support Greek products in such a critical time when unemployment has become an everyday nightmare for our people. On behalf of the “Civic Movement – I consume what I produce”, we are here to support this effort and cooperate with you. The “Civic Movement – […]

  • Official premiere for Greek Foodosophy

    The official announcement of the Greek Foodosophy shopping mall was marked with a remarkable success, on March 13th 2013, at the Grande Bretagne Hotel. The event was honored by the presence of a multitude of people who came to find out more from up close regarding the Foodosophy shopping mall business plan. Its goal is […]