Become a Foodosopher

Greek Foodosophy: An idea full of hope for the promotion of Greek traditional products

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So close to the “united we stand strong” ideal. It is very close to the Greek dream for a strong name, a strong brand with an extensive range of influence, underneath one single philosophy. We are talking about Greek Foodosophy, the new fresh idea, full of hope for the promotion of traditional Greek diet in one single place.

For a better Greek living.

This is a new movement aspiring to unite as many Greek products’ producers as possible in a permanent, comfortable exhibition hall in Athens. Within the spaces of this exhibition hall, producers will be able to sell their products from their own shops. Keeping to its promise, the most typical Greek, the most authentic and tasteful products will find their way to the consumers and processors alike, fresh, without delay and, most importantly, without intermediaries. Moreover, buyers will have direct contact to those producing their favourite foodstuff, whose number will be quite extensive: olive oil, pasta, spoon sweets, honey, marmalades, dried nuts and fruit, traditional loukoumi and so many more unique tastes of Greece. Also, aiming to the promotion of exports, there will be commercial representations of foreign entrepreneurs arriving who will also have the opportunity to taste Greek diet foodstuff.

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Do you want to become a… foodosopher?

Greek Foodosophy will not end its journey just in commerce, but will aim higher towards the education of the public with events and speeches held every day in the same space. That’s where various questions will be answered, such as: How can I make my own soap? How is honey produced? How can I distinguish a good quality olive oil from a bad one? Which are the varieties of Greek wine? And in the same time, there will be various quality competitions held for the producers.

Try the cooked product too!

Putting the saying “Greeks do eat better” into action, Foodosophy will also provide consumers with two thematic restaurants, where visitors will have the opportunity to taste dishes prepared with the producers’ products (therefore trying what you want to buy on the spot).