May 2013

Αρχείο Μήνα

  • More omega-3 acids and less meat for a better memory

    A scientific study, led by a Greek researcher, suggests that eating foods that contain omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish, chicken, etc.) and avoiding meat, saturated fats and dairy foods may be linked to preserving memory and thinking abilities.  The study focuses on the importance of a Mediterranean diet in order to avoid old age […]

  • Commodity Exchange in Athens and Foodosophy. Common goal is the promotion of Greek agricultural products.

    Commodity Exchange investors will be called upon to adapt to a totally new exchange environment – and to seek opportunities. Within the framework of this process, a conversation has started lately regarding the possibility of the foundation of a Commodity Exchange in Athens. But, how close are we to something like this? Socrates Lazaridis, Executive […]