• A meeting point for producers and consumers
  • The consumers get to meet directly the people producing their favourite foodstuff
  • A veritable feast of authentic Greek products

1 What is the Greek Foodosophy?


A Meeting Point

for producers and consumers in Greek Foodosophy’s 3.000 sq.m. building.


Veritable feast of authentic Greek products

provided directly by their producers.


Greek diet’s premises

where pasta,olive oil, marmalades, honey and so much more unique Greek delicacies coexist harmoniously.

2 “Greek Foodosophy” means

Greek Foodosophy’s 3.000 sq.m. building is also equipped with two thematic restaurants, as well as seminar, event and exhibition halls.



3 Become a Foodosopher

So close to the “united we stand strong” ideal. It is very close to the Greek dream for a strong name, a strong brand with an extensive range of influence.